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LCD Knowledge Briefing

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 Liquid crystal found

The discovery of the liquid can be traced back to 1888, when the Austrian botanist Reinitzer in the heating of benzoic acid gallstone, the accident found abnormal melting phenomenon. Because the material in 1450C melting, but was turbid paste, up to 1790C suddenly become a transparent gurgling liquid; if the temperature from the temperature down the process of observation, in 1790C suddenly become a paste liquid, more than 1450C become a solid crystal The It was confirmed by the German physicist Lehmann that the turbidity of the benzoic acid gallstone was observed by polarizing microscope, and it was confirmed that it was a crystalline liquid, and then the liquid crystal was confirmed and the liquid crystal was started The

Application and Development of Liquid Crystal

US RCA on May 28, 1968 published a liquid crystal as the material of the new table device, not only to open the LCD in the commercial practical precedent, when its statement more shocking society: This is a revolutionary product, of course, can be used as an electronic Table, car dashboard display screen, and soon can create a miniature TV, the electronics industry will become a new type. In fact, because the liquid crystal has induced and optical anisotropy, and has a good molecular alignment and flow dong characteristics, when subject to light, heat, electric field, magnetic field and other external stimuli, the molecular distribution is easy to change, resulting in liquid crystal material shading Contrast changes or show other special electrical optical effects, if made into a display, will have the quality of light easy to carry, small size does not take advantage of space, and the energy consumption is relatively low. Therefore, in recent years, liquid crystal materials has become a variety of portable electronic and information products indispensable display media, not only widely used in electronic watches, computers and automotive dashboard display, but also used in ultra-thin TV Machine display materials such as TN (twinsted nematic) and STN (super twinsted nematic) type liquid crystal displays. Others such as portable personal computers, projector shutter components, photocopying memory components, or even used as fiber reinforced materials made of engineering plastics. The The And so on, in the display of the application of liquid crystal materials on the universal and important.




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