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everbestlcd tell you LCD screen maintenance of the relevant knowledge

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everbestlcd tell you LCD screen maintenance of the relevant knowledge

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We all know that the new LCD screen will be affixed to a layer of transparent protective film, the user assembled as far as possible not to tear, so as not to scratch the LCD screen appearance. When you tear off the protective film, the LCD screen will show bright lines or other abnormal display, this is because the tear film when the static electricity caused by standing for a few seconds after the normal display will automatically eliminate, you can use the normal.

Water can be described as LCD  screen "natural enemies", in addition to try to avoid the LCD screen while drinking drinks, eat fruit, but also should not be careful not to save the machine in the wet, serious moisture will damage the LCD internal components The It is particularly noteworthy that in the winter and summer, out of the room with heating or air conditioning, the larger temperature difference will lead to "condensation phenomenon" occurs, the user at this time to the LCD screen power may also lead to corrosion of the LCD electrode, resulting in Permanent damage. For this reason we also recommend that your ambient temperature change should not be greater than 10 ℃ / 10min. Once the screen water situation, if only in the boot before the screen surface fog, with a soft cloth gently wipe and then boot it. If the water has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in a warmer place, such as the lamp, the inside of the water gradually evaporate out. In the rainy season, we should also pay attention to the regular operation of a period of time LCD screen, in order to heat up the components to disperse the moisture, it is best to install LCD LCD screen bag put a small package of moisture-proof agent for it to create a good home.

For the screen maintenance, in addition to pay attention to the above problems, LCD  screen life relative to the CRT is still much shorter, the aging rate is much faster, then we need to use the usual time to pay special attention. For example, when used for a long time on the screen when the habit of reducing the unnecessary loss of the screen. In addition, delay LCD  screen aging should also be careful to avoid strong sun long straight screen, try to use moderate brightness / contrast, reduce the long-term display fixed pattern (to avoid local aging too). Finally, there is one thing, that is usually to use a special soft brush, glasses cloth, wash ear ball wipe the screen, if necessary, you can use isopropyl alcohol, alcohol or a little water, the surface stains for cleaning. These tips are very good for the LCD  screen.



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