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LCD screen manufacturers to extend the life of the LCD screen

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LCD screen manufacturers to extend the life of the LCD screen

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Everbestlcd, LCD screen manufacturers to extend the life of the LCD screen method, the LCD power consumption of small non-radiation, for long-term use of the computer's author, the LCD screen is very suitable. The core part of the liquid crystal display is the liquid crystal layer and the upper and lower two polarizing plates and the backlight assembly. The main components of the backlight assembly are the backlight and the light guide plate. The life of the backlight is mainly the life of the backlight. After the time period, the backlight tube will appear aging, brightness will be reduced, when the lamp brightness attenuation to 50% of the use of time is defined as lamp life. LCD screen manufacturers to reduce the brightness of the LCD screen to a certain time, there will be less obvious scan line, this is because the display automatically reduces the frequency of the lamp. First, the relationship between resolution and life 17-inch LCD display of the default resolution is 1280 * 1024, such as for 1024 * 768, in addition to the impact of clarity, the life has no effect. Second, the resolution of the LCD screen Set the resolution refers to the number of pixels per unit area display. LCD panel is like a good arrangement of a small door, used to let the light through the LCD screen can be expressed by the pixels per unit area on the "small door" to determine the number, which determines the LCD screen The physical resolution is fixed. The ordinary CRT monitor, as long as the adjustment of the electron beam deflection voltage, you can change the different resolution. Whether the LCD screen manufacturers LCD screen or general CRT monitor, the resolution is the main parameter. The display must support the resolution required to apply the hardware and software, but the LCD only supports the so-called real resolution, which is comparable to the highest resolution of a typical CRT monitor, and only the best image can be displayed at true resolution. Third, the use of liquid crystal display Note 1, recommended in the normal temperature / normal humidity environment, high temperature / humidity will affect the life of the LCD screen. The intense temperature fluctuations will affect the performance of the liquid crystal display, especially the low temperature will affect the brightness and response time. It is recommended to work in a smooth, clean environment where dust can cause internal circuits to fail. 2, do not let the liquid splashed into the display inside, for cleaning, please turn off the power, the detergent sprayed on the soft cloth and then gently wipe. 3, the LCD screen is a glass product, moving should avoid collision, vibration. The surface of a multi-layer film, is strictly used to characterize the sharp. Do not turn off the monitor for a long time, unplug the power plug. 4, is strictly prohibited to disassemble the LCD screen, in case of trouble, please professional maintenance. Long time to display a fixed screen, will reduce the brightness, image retention phenomenon increased, it is recommended to use the screen saver.


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