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LCD screen, LCM LCD screen in the industry application

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LCD screen, LCM LCD screen in the industry application

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Plasma cleaning in the COG-LCD assembly technology in the application of LCD LCD screen COG assembly process, is the die IC mounted on the ITO glass, the use of gold ball compression and deformation to make ITO glass on the pin and IC Pin on. As the fine line technology continues to develop, has now developed to produce Pitch for 20μm, the line of 10μm products. The production and assembly of these fine lines of electronic products, the ITO glass surface cleanliness requirements are very high, requiring the product's weldability, welding firm, can not have any organic and inorganic substances remain on the ITO glass to prevent ITO electrode terminals and IC BUMP continuity, therefore, ITO glass cleaning is very important. In the current ITO glass cleaning process, we are trying to use a variety of cleaning agents (alcohol cleaning, cotton + lemonade cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning) for cleaning, but the introduction of cleaning agents, will lead to the introduction of cleaning agent To other related issues, therefore, to explore new cleaning methods to become the direction of the manufacturers. Through the step-by-step test, the use of plasma cleaning principle to ITO glass surface cleaning, is a more effective cleaning method. In the plasma cleaning of the liquid crystal glass, the activated gas used is oxygen plasma which can remove oily and organic pollutant particles because the oxygen plasma can oxidize the organic matter and form a gas discharge. The only problem is the need to remove the particles after adding a static addition device, the cleaning process is as follows: blowing - oxygen plasma - in addition to static electricity through the dry cleaning process after the LCD and its electrode terminals ITO, cleanliness, The cohesiveness is greatly improved.


LCM LCD module, the current trend of assembly technology is mainly SIP, BGA, CSP package to the semiconductor device to the modular, highly integrated and miniaturization direction. In such a package and assembly process, the biggest problem is the organic contamination of the bonded filler and the oxide film formed in the electric heating. Due to the presence of contaminants on the bonding surface, the bonding strength of these components is reduced and the potting strength of the resin after encapsulation is reduced, which directly affects the assembly level of these elements and continues to develop. In order to improve and improve the assembly capacity of these components, we are trying every means to deal with. Improve Practice Practice In the packaging process, the appropriate introduction of plasma cleaning technology for surface treatment, can greatly improve the reliability of packaging and improve the yield. In the COG process in which the bare chip IC is mounted on a glass substrate LCD screen, the surface of the bonded filler is precipitated on the surface of the bonded filler when the chip is bonded and subjected to high temperature hardening. But also with Ag slurry and other additives overflow ingredients contaminated with adhesive filler. If the pollutant can be removed by plasma cleaning before the hot press bonding process, the quality of the hot press bonding can be greatly improved. Further, since the wettability of the substrate and the bare chip IC surface is improved, the adhesion adhesion of the LCD-COG module can be improved, and the problem of line corrosion can be reduced.


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