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LCD screen lithography version of the production

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LCD screen lithography version of the production

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Photolithography production is usually used in two ways, one is the traditional method of film replica; one is to use the computer to deal with light drawing method.

1, photographic plate

The magnified red film pattern (usually 10 times magnified) is fixed on a board surface, and the original image is initially reduced by the initial compressor. The initial image is then scaled down to the same size as the design requirement Graphics; and then repeat the exposure step by step, to meet the requirements of the production process of large LCD screen LCD screen.

LCD LCD screen film plate generally first made negative film and then turned into suitable for the production of positive film. The film production process is simply the first camera; then the photographic (exposure) film into the developer in the development of the image after the fixation, and then rinse the film on the film, rinse dry and dry ' Filmmaking extra corner of the corner cut, the packaging is delivered for production use.

2, light drawing plate

The difference between a light drawing and a photographic plate is that it replaces most of the manual operation with an instrument. Specifically, it is the computer design of the graphics software can be converted into a light-painted machine to run the file, with a light-painted machine light source directly on the film exposure made with the design requirements exactly the same shape. It is characterized by high precision, fast speed.

At present in the production of liquid crystal display film version, dry version and metal version (chrome version, iron version). These three versions have their own strengths, but from the development point of view, metal version of the application more and more. The film version is a film substrate coated with a layer of photosensitive film (emulsion) and the composition of the photosensitive plate. A reticle used by photolithography or photolithography.

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